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Martin Dockery in Wanderlust

"Best storyteller in US"
Orlando Sentinel

"A masterful storyteller."
Herald Sun
Melbourne, Australia
"You’re not likely to find many storytellers better than Martin Dockery… Could probably make a grocery list sound fascinating."
The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company)
"Martin Dockery knows how to spin even the most common occurrence into a gripping yarn — a trick the best stand-ups display. This vibrant New Yorker delivered his tale with such verve, wit and insight, and he is so engaging and evocative that he makes the audience believe they are sharing the experience with him."
Chortle, London, UK

Wanderlust: From Here to Timbuktu is the autobiographical story of Martin Dockery’s 5-month solo trek across West Africa. It’s a voyage that takes him from a sting-ray infested island off the coast of Africa to a barren landscape outside of Timbuktu. There is no script for Wanderlust, rather it is a tale told extemporaneously each night. Dockery uses a full stage to act out the story while simultaneously narrating it. The audience is pulled into the true story of a man leaving behind 10 years of temping to find something permanent at the ends of the earth. In stories that range from hilarious to terrifying, from poignant to absurd, Wanderlust spins multiple narrative threads all at once: a mysterious woman at the door in a dilapidated bungalow, a foul mango on an ancient train, a herd of wandering goats in the Sahara, and an improvised beat-boxing recital in a kitchen. And through all the stories there is a tale of a love lost and a love never realized, as one girlfriend marries back home and another embarks on her own trip out to West Africa. The show is about a man following his dream of dropping everything, buying a one-way ticket to an unknown land, and believing that fate will necessarily reward him with an Epiphany. Any Epiphany at all.

WANDERLUST: http://www.eastvillagearts.org/fab-minute-martin-dockery/

Wanderlust: From Here to Timbuktu is the first of seven (so far) solo storytelling shows created by Brooklyn performer Martin Dockery. After years of developing his unique, high-energy style in New York City, Martin worked with Jean-Michele Gregory (acclaimed monologist Mike Daisey’s long-time collaborator) to create his first full-length show. In 2009, he then took Wanderlust on the road, and the show has been a success ever since. Since then, Wanderlust has been performed over 250 times in cities all across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. The show has garnered innumerable 4 and 5 star reviews, plus ‘Best of Fest’ awards at three of the worlds four biggest theater festivals (Adelaide, Edmonton, & Winnipeg). Wanderlust has also headlined the London Storytelling Festival, enjoyed a full season at the Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh Fringe, and played every day for a month in a festival-managed venue at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Martin continues to tour Wanderlust to PACs and universities.Created and performed by Martin Dockery, directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

Running time: 75 minutes
Website: www.MartinDockery.com

Martin Dockery


Brooklyn-based Martin Dockery spends the majority of the year touring his seven one-person shows through Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US. Five of them are autobiographical (Wanderlust, The Surprise, The Bike Trip, The Holy Land Experience, and his latest The Exclusion Zone) and two are fictional (Bursting Into Flames & The Dark Fantastic). He has won “Best of Fest” awards at theater festivals in Vancouver, Ottawa, New York, Orlando, London, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, San Francisco, and Adelaide. He’s performed at The Melbourne Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, and twice headlined the London Storytelling Festival in England. Dockery has also written and toured three plays with Vanessa Quesnelle across North America (Oh, That Wily Snake!, The Pit, and Moonlight After Midnight), via their production company Concrete Drops. In 2015, he is also touring a brand new two-person play entitled Inescapable. He has an MFA in playwriting from Columbia University.




Orlando Sentinel: "Best Storyteller in the US"

Mountain XPress: "One-man show Wunderlust thinks globally, acts personally"