Press releases and posters are available below for downloading. These are provided as pdf documents. Photographs for publicity use are provided for downloading in jpg format. Contact 888-860-2780 or email annpatrice@poetinmo.com for hard copy press packets that include DVDs, CDs, newspaper articles and reviews.

Anthony Zerbe: 3 Days of Theatre
3 Days

Download 3 Days of Theatre Photo 1 (jpg)

Download 3 Days of Theatre Photo 2 (jpg)

Download Anthony Zerbe Photo (jpg)

Anthony Zerbe: It's All Done With Mirrors

Download It's All Done With Mirrors Poster (pdf)

Download Anthony Zerbe Photo (jpg)

Download It's Alll Done With Mirrors Press Release (pdf)

Anthony Zerbe: Off the Page
Off the Page

Download Off the Page Poster (pdf)

Download Anthony Zerbe Photo (jpg)

Download Off the Page Press Release (pdf)

Rebecca Schull: Journey Into the Whirlwind

Download Rebecca Schull Photo (jpg)

Download Rebecca Schull Press Release (pdf)


Salome Jens: ...About Anne

Download Salome Jens Press Release (pdf)

Download Salome Jens Photo 1 (jpg)

Download Salome Jens Photo 2 (jpg)

Martin Dockery: Wanderlust
Martin Dockery

Download Martin Dockery Electronic Press Kit (pdf)

Download Martin Dockery "Wanderlust" Photo (jpg)

Michael Milligan: Mercy Killers
Michael Milligan

Download Michael Milligan Press Release (pdf)

Download Mercy Killers Poster (pdf)

Download Mercy Killers Photo (jpg)

Download Michael Milligan Photo (jpg)

Download Mercy Killers Technical Rider (pdf)


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